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April 9, 2021
Written by Eben Chidike
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5 inspirational brand colour combinations you need to see

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5 Incredible colour palettes

Research shows 85% of consumers make judgements about brands and products just based on their colors alone. 

At the very foundation of brand building, is selecting the right colors and a palette to present your brand in the right way.

Color palettes refer to the range or selection of colors from which you can choose from.

In building your brand identity, selecting the perfect colour might seem a minute detail, but it is a crucial one. 

Colors don't just exist in isolation, they can communicate certain qualities to different people, and trigger certain emotions in different cultures of the world. 

The more important factor to consider when choosing a color, is appropriateness.

Is your color palette appropriate for your brand? 

The color white would seem off for a rugged shoe brand right? Likewise the color brown would seem mismatched for a restaurant.

Your color has to support your brand's Identity and personality.

There are no clear guidelines when it comes to picking the perfect color combination for your brand, so you have to stick with the perception you want your audience to haven what you want to communicate. 

It’s then best to work backwards from there.

In this post we would be reviewing five great brand colour palettes you an take inspiration from. 

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Red (#ec4a35) Black (#0e0e04) White (#fdfeff)

Red, Black & White

The subtle but catchy colour palette used by NYAKA really helps the brand come across as approachable and easy going. This palette really drives home the message that (a great deal of the time) less is more.

branding inspiration, amazing color palette, online branding coach
Dark Green (#004230) Green (#025021) Beige (#e2c5af) White (#f2eeeb)

Greens, Beige & White

Herotus Coffee really know how to tie together colors to come across as high end and premium. The low contrast between the two greens used would usually not work well, but with a clever eye for design, the brand have used it to create a packaging design which is simple but which also comes across as high quality and exclusive.

White (#ffffff) Orange (#f0b28f) Pink (#efc7c1) Green (#7dc49e) Blue (#93ccdb) Lime Green (#dae17f) Yellow (#f6da8d)

branding inspiration, amazing color palette, online branding coach

White & Pastals

Pastels will always work perfectly with white. It keeps things clean, simple and fresh. Beacause castles tend to work really well together, it's also easy to create a range of them and use them for different types of products and services you are offering, whilst keeping things consistent.

Dark Blue (#36425f) Light Blue (#4194c4) Ocean Blue (#31658c) Sand (#d2cabd) White (#ffffff)

Blues, Sand & White

MAKO really know how to compliment the main colors in their palette well. The two blues work perfectly together, whilst also being perfectly supported by sandy and white tones.

Black (#000000) White (#ffffff)

Black & White

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. The perfect balance of black and white can be just as striking as any perfectly crafted colour palette. Less is more in some cases. And this is one of those cases.

As mentioned, there is no blueprint to creating the perfect colour palette for your brand.

There are so many options out there, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. 

Just be sure to try and do something a little different and make sure it ‘feels’ right for your company and the image/message you are trying to portray.


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