March 25, 2021
Written by Scott Lancaster
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Five unique font paring you need to see

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The daunting task of finding typography for your website.

The most sought after feature in any design that includes text is legibility.

This text must be consistent and clear enough to read.

This brings about the need to use the perfect font combination for text.

Finding the perfect font isn't easy and care must be taken to select fonts that complement each other.

Using the right type of font for both headers and body of text ensure that the headers grabs the users attention, and the body of text is easy to read.

While pairing fonts, it is important that a visual consistency between the header and body font is maintained, so both fonts don't fight for the attention of the reader.

Font pairing is an essential aspect of web design.

Good font pairing can create harmony, fluidity, and most importantly —coherence, to your website.

Learn how to pair fonts, and the specific fonts to use to make sure your users have the best experience.

Need some inspiration? Keep reading.

In this article, I’ll reveal the font pairings that were just made for each other.

Below, is 5(five) carefully picked out unique font paring you need to see and start using.

1. Lora & Merriweather

This duo uses two very popular serif fonts,each bringing a unique style to the table.

A serif is a small line or stroke regularly attached to the end of a larger stroke in a letter or symbol within a particular font or family of fonts.

Lora has brush-like strokes that give the header a warm and creative vibe while Merriweather feels more stable and predictable. 

This would be a nice combination to use on websites for creators, like photographers, web designers, developers, copywriters, marketers,and so on.

And, more specifically, for creator websites that contain lengthy blogs, portfolio pages, and sales funnels.


2. LibreBaskerville & Source Sans Pro

Here’s what happens when you give Baskervillethe front seat.

It changes the vibe altogether, especially considering the serif is in the lead position (usually, we see it the other way around). 

This font pair would look really cool on websites owned by underrepresented entrepreneurs (e.g. women, persons of color,etc.).


3. ArchivoBlack & Roboto

Here we have a pairing of two sans serif fonts.

Archivo Black is a grotesque sans serif,which makes it feel slightly imperfect compared to the neo-grotesque ( also called transitionals or realists) and geometric styling of Roboto. 

This is a great example of how to use fonts in concord with one another.

Yes, they’re two sans serifs, but the imperfect/perfect pairing of their character sets creates a good balance.

This would work really well in giving an e-commerce site a youthful and trustworthy vibe. 


4. KarlaBold & Spectral Light

Karla and Spectral both have their quirks (Karla’s kerning is slightly off and Spectral’s curves aren’t as pronounced as other serifs), which makes them a lovable pair. 

This duo would appeal well to younger consumers.

It feels honest, friendly, and relatable —something that Millennial's and Gen Z's crave from brands.

So, if you’re building a website or blog targeted at a younger base of consumers, this is a good pair to use. 

5. MerriweatherSans Bold & Merriweather

Merriweather was designed to improve readability on screens.

Not only that, the sans serif and serif versions of the font were designed to harmonize with one another. 

Because of the beautifully compatible construction of this pair, you could really use it anywhere.

However, because these fonts work well on screens — even at smaller sizes — try using them on e-commerce sites.

Your mobile shoppers will appreciate the excellent readability of your product pages.

So if you have a design for a children’s birthday party, make sure the text doesn’t look like it’s for a corporate briefing.


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