Brand Personality
April 9, 2021
Written by Eben Chidike
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How brand personality can help your business grow

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Discover the power of brand personality

Nike and Timberland are both sell footware, but it’s easy to realise they cater to different segments of the market. 

When both brands come to mind they don't evoke the same emotions. One comes off as athletic, the other more outdoorsy and adventurous. 

Brand personality simply refers to human characteristics associated with a brand.

So a brand's personality is what defines the perception the consumers hold of a brand, as if it were a living and breathing person.

As a business, having a brand identity means your products aren't going to be lost in the noise of the market.

By achieving focus with your branding, you should be aiming for one single quality to come to mind. 

Your brand's personality could be tagged as playful, happy, thoughtful or a brand that wants to be seen as premium and luxurious.

The trick here is to think about your brand as a living breathing person, and then describe them in the simplest way possible.

Why your brand needs personality

Developing a brand personality is crucial in differentiating your business from your competitors. 

A key step to finding your brand personality is to look at your competition, then zig while they are zagging.

For example, if you’re starting a smoothie company and you’re going up against ‘innocent smoothies’, perhaps consider doing the exact opposite and opting for a brand personality which is rebellious, giving customer smoothies which are meant for a special naughty treat. 

A brand personality can also help you secure a niche segment in your market. 

But it’s important to remember having a brand personality isn't just about your business, it is also about your consumers. 

Your brand's personality matters

Your brand personality must match the customer you are looking to connect with. Your target customer must be able to see part of themselves in your brand. 

Luxury brands like Rolex and Mercedes connote the feeling of exclusivity, being premium and living a high quality life.

Their customers don't just buy wristwatches and cars, they buy a lifestyle- the lifestyle of being a member of the small few who can afford these brands. 

For your consumers, your brand personality is a way to connect with a brand that is ‘just like them’. A brand which can allow them to express their personality through your products. 

The products they use dictate the type of people they aspire to be and how they want to be perceived by others.

So think about your brand’s personality in the frame of trying to present your brand as a person. A living breathing person who has character. 

Then simply showcase that character in a way which your target audience can resonate with easily. 


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