Audio Branding
April 9, 2021
Written by Eben Chidike
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How can audio branding help grow your brand

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Audio branding is powerful stuff

Over the years, brands have always adopted the use of powerful imagery and crafting words to deploy their brand identities and sell their products. 

Colors, words, and pictures are foundational elements in advertising and communication.

However, there is another crucial element that has always been part of branding which many often ignore, and that is sound.

When we think of brand identity we almost always think about the visuals, logo, color scheme, copy, content, and features of the product. 

We know how businesses look, how they make us feel, but how they sound regularly goes over our head...

Not to be confused with brand voice and tone, audio branding refers to the use of unique sound or music which helps your brand become more distinctive.

If you think for a moment, you’ll realise audio branding is everywhere,. 

Jingles playing on the radio, the beep from your smartphone when you turn it on, the music that playing when you go to the Apple store. 

That is audio branding.

So why should you invest in audio branding?

The power of sound is evident in the strong connection between memory and sound. Sounds, melodies, or tunes can trigger certain memories or evoke specific emotions.

With audio branding, your brand can harness the power of sound to connect better with your target audience and improve your chances of being remembered.

Audio branding allows your brand a pathway to creating an emotional connection and memories with your customers. 

When we hear something, it can bring forward a memory associated with that specific sound.

So how can audio work for your brand?

Naturally, the most common approach would be to create a unique jingle or placing the a soundtrack in your advertising, but there is so much more to explore in the world of audio branding. 

The scope of your audio branding strategy should be to utilise the power of sound to connect with your customer at every step of their journey with you or brand, or product.

There are different avenues customers can be connected with through sonic identity.

  • Through embedding audio in your website, your sonic identity can play out when your customers press certain keys or land on certain pages.
  • If your product has a mobile application, certain tunes or melodies can be used to lead the customer through your app as they explore.
  • If your business has a store, you can take advantage of a physical location by carefully selecting the type of music you play in your stores.
  • When a call is placed to your business's customer care line, a tune can be inserted when the call is on hold

Audio branding is an encompassing concept with an unlimited range of exciting possibilities. 

Your business would greatly benefit from tapping into the power of sound.  Helping your brand stand out, complimenting your brands visual expression, and connecting with your target audience in a way which most businesses aren’t even aware exists.


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