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April 9, 2021
Written by Scott Lancaster
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How to find your brand’s voice

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Finding your brand's voice is so vital for your business

Whether you are starting a new brand from scratch or recreating an old brand, you need to know who you are, what you stand for, and most importantly how to communicate it in simple terms.
I am sure you must have noticed that you receive endless taglines and slogans shout from the TV, radio, billboards, fliers, and the internet.

This is because attention is now a golden jewel. And brands keep working hard to get the attention of the consumer.
It is now getting difficult for consumers to make sense of the noise and for also for brands to be heard.
So in this article, you will briefly learn how to identify your brand’s voice that clearly resonates with your target audience.

Before we go into that, here is something important you need to know.

Your brand’s voice can be authoritative, informative, fun, or just plain witty.

But whatever it is, it needs to be strong, consistent, and authentic.

These are what make brands stand-out from competitors and connect with target consumers.

Your brand's voice is what every consumer should hear whenever and wherever they encounter your product or service.

Either in your content, customer service, or social media, your brand voice is that feeling your ideal customers get.

So here’s how to find your brand’s voice:

Personify your brand

Thanks to the internet, brands can speak directly to consumers.

So the question is if your brand is an actual person, what would this person look and sound like?

Is he or she young, old, serious, or funny?

Personifying your brand also helps you determine the tone of your brand’s voice.

And this tone determines the emotional feeling your consumers will have when they hear your brand's voice.

Look for descriptive words

Descriptive words, especially adjectives, define the value your brand conveys.

This invaluable information gets consumers to crystallize your voice so they can clearly hear you out.

Ask as many members of your team to bring up three adjectives to describe your brand.

Compare these adjectives to see if any specific ideas have been repeated.

You can go ahead and use them as a jump-off point for the voice.

Go to where your audience is

Search online to see where your target audience spends time.

Facebook, Twitter, Reviews on Amazon, Reddit, Quora, Linkedin are good places.

Examine how they talk to each other. Note the words and tone they use.

It’s super important that you speak the language of your consumers.

But be careful not to lean too heavily on mimicry. It will sound inauthentic.

Choose your ideal spokesperson

It could be a celebrity, a man, a woman, or a child.

Whichever you choose, a spokesperson is a popular way to quickly give your brand an identifiable voice.

Select the celebrity or any other person you think would best represent your company and examine why you chose them.

If you chose a comedian, for example, you may want to be your customers' funny friend.

Read it aloud.

When you've written some content, read it out loud to yourself or to an audience.

If any part sounds awkward or untrue, the voice isn't right for your brand.

Consistency is key

After you've found your brand voice, it's important to keep it consistent in all content production.

With time your brand’s voice seeps into the hearts and minds of your consumers and they slowly turn into loyal fans.


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