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January 10, 2021
Written by Scott Lancaster
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How to get repeat business from your customers

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How can you keep customers coming back to you?

It's generally quite difficult to earn a first sale from a customer.

And depending on the price point of your products or services and the industry, it could take weeks or months to encourage a customer to do business with your brand.

Unfortunately this is where most business owners spend most of their time- trying to generate new sales & pursuing bigger clients.

Attention to your existing customers, no matter how small they are, is essential to keeping your business thriving.

By retargeting and encouraging repeat business, you can grow your bottom line without significantly increasing marketing and advertising expenses.

The secret to repeat business is to successfully deliver a great after sales experience to your customers.

Effective after sales begins immediately after the customer purchases.

There are several creative ways to make sure your customers always come back to you, to ensure that your business is always the first option in your customer’s mind.

1. Loyalty programs

One of the classic ways to encourage repeat business is to start a loyalty program.

This is not a complex process.

All you need is to gather customer's information, give them a special account number or card, and then start rewarding them when they make a second purchase.

Not only do loyalty schemes encourage repeat purchase behavior, but they also tend to increase the average transaction size too.

More profit means more growth.

2. Offer personalized customer service

These days, people are accustomed to being treated as nothing more than customers.

You walk into your local big-box retail store and nobody knows that you've been there 100 times before.

Don't treat your customers like this if you want their repeat business.

Make them feel valued.

If you have an email list, create a list for people who have actually bought your products and treat them specially.

The level of customer service you provide when a customer visits your business (or website) will help them form a preference for you.

Everyone wants to feel good, right?

Personalized service with lots of attention goes a long way toward building positive rapport with the people you want to serve.

3. Give out coupons or discounts

A lot of customers come to a particular store looking for one item.

If they find that item, they purchase it and then don't have much of a reason to return.

You can capture these people and encourage repeat business by offering them future-use coupons.

For example, for every $50 purchase in your store, you could offer a coupon for 10% off that can be applied to a future purchase.

This gives them a reason to return when they otherwise might not have had one.

But be careful offering too many discounts. If your customers start to get savvy to you giving out discounts lot, they will start to wait for sales before purchasing in future.

4. Get customers' contact details

Data is king.

Make it a habit to get some contact information from every customer who walks through your doors or buys from your website.

With contact information – such as a name, phone number, email address and mailing address – you can reach out to customers in the future, and make them aware of what is happening with your business.

This allows you to engage with them more readily and effectively, not just when they decide to shop with you.

5. Offer freebies

Ensuring repeat business should be a prime priority for you and your brand.

Once a customer leaves your store, it’s your duty to make them remember you if you ever want to see them again.

This is why companies invest so much in free promotional materials.

A great restaurant I love in Shanghai gives you a small ice cream as you leave. Me and my girlfriend go there maybe twice a month.

A little can go a long way. Just try and make it meaningful.

Want some extra creative ideas?

If you want some more unique and original ideas as to how you can get repeat business for your brand, book in a free 15 minute creative discovery session with one of our Brand Consultant by clicking here.

You can never go too far for a customer. And by having their trust, you'll go a long way.


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