April 9, 2021
Written by Scott Lancaster
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Where to download great fonts for free

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Still not clear about fonts?

A digital font is a computer data file containing a set of graphical icons, characters, or symbols.

A font family or typeface refers to the collection of related fonts across styles and sizes.

Fonts are very important elements in logos, brand pages and websites of brands.

They attract the reader's attention, hence they must be clean, sharp and not crummy.

Fonts are also a good way in arranging content, helping visitors of your page differentiate between different pieces of information or content.

While your audience would typically visit your website because the quality of your content, having a captivating font can keep them engaged.

Yes, that is the power of typography.

There are close to a million fonts in existence today.

Going through this large number just to find the perfect font for your page or logo can be a big problem.

However, there are online sites that offer fonts, for free.

A huge chunk of these sites have a terrible user experience, and would most likely stress you out.

So we have compiled a list of some of the best sites that offer great fonts for free.

Font space

Font space has over 30,000 fonts available on their platform.

Their search bar allows you to use tags to search for your preferred font.  

The fonts here are categorized to help you navigate smoothly and get exactly what you want.

Font space has more than 3000 designers supplying fonts, and they are labelled so you can be sure whether a font is good for commercial use or for personal use only.


DaFont is a very large archive of freely fonts.

Organised by style, author, popularity and alphabetical listing.

A lot of fonts are generated by font enthusiasts and design experts from all around.


Behance is an amazing site for you to find free fonts.

Even its website speaks for itself.

You can get all types of fonts on here, expertly crafted for your use.

There are great fonts to download, and you would definitely find what you love from all the fonts available.


Fontstruct is a free font-building tool.

Users create custom made fonts, and can share them for others to download.

This affords you a lot of options to pick from.

The site is easy to navigate, and it boasts of top quality fonts.

There's a range of high-quality fonts available here, ready for use on Windows and Mac.

The site's easy to navigate and the best fonts are picked for the fontstruct gallery.


Neogrey is the portfolio of Ivan Filipov.

A graphic and web designer, he has created some amazing fonts and has made them free download.

His fonts are colorful and unique.


Fontm don't have the biggest font gallery around.

But they have a well curated font site, all organized to make your user experience easier.


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