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We'll let the stats explain

Studies have proven that trustworthy brands get more customers than businesses who do not know how to brand their business properly.


of people said they’d be highly likely to recommend a brand they were emotionally engaged with.


Increase in brand recognition with through effective brand colour palette creation.


Revenue increase if brand is presented consistently across all platforms.


of investors say a strong brand is an important factor guiding them in their investment decisions.


It all comes down to trust...

Think about something you bought recently.

Why did you buy from that brand?

The reason is simple. Trust.

You trusted the brand was credible enough to meet your needs.

We bring together everything that’s required to build that trust. To help your brand stand out and be counted.

We've already helped over 730 businesses across the globe, from startups to companies generating millions in revenue.

Our plans have been designed to help businesses of all sizes. However, you can also book a free consultation if you are not sure which plan is best for your business' needs.



461 Reviews

Malachi Currie

Airey Miller Property Development

"I have been working with Brander over the past couple of months. They have helped me build my brand and the results have been great. The entire brand development process has been interesting and I've learned so much. I really like how much guidance is provided and love the fact it feels like Scott is invested in what I'm trying to achieve."

Shawn Ershad

Forecight Cyber Security

"I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Scott and the Brander team. We had the pleasure of working with Scott and his firm collaborating on numerous large branding and marketing projects.

Scott is a genuine expert, branding genius, and powerhouse in the world of marketing."

Andrew Gilliland

Action Holdings

"When I tell others about Scott (which I do frequently), it’s challenging not to include the words “creative genius” to describe my experiences working with him and his company. Truly, Scott is one of the most creative and focused people I’ve worked with. What I appreciate most is that he knows how to tie his efforts back to business, marketing, and delivering a great consumer experience."

Shimon Miah

Visualsoft eCommerce

"It was a pleasure working with Scott and Brander on a brand identity project that we had worked on together. Scott is a highly skilled and very knowledgeable when it comes to branding and design. His eagerness to please those he works with was excellent and I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to build a great brand to (at the very least) arrange to have a conversation with him."

Jessica Perez

Perez Hair & Beauty

"My partner put me in touch with Scott for a brand consultation as I was wanting to start my own hair & beauty business.

The entire experience was faultless and he managed to help me bring together an incredible brand and marketing strategy to get my first clients through the door and also help my business grow over the long term too."

Jack Rodriguez

iHop BBQ Sauce

"The experience is solid. I opted to have Brander work directly with me to help me build my brand and grow my business. They guided me whenever I needed some help and was always fast to reply and set up meetings when I needed to regain momentum. I still have a few things we need to focus on to get where I want to be, but I'm really enjoying the process so far."

Jonas Haskins

Truwells Fitness

"Working directly with Brander was a great experience. It far exceeded my expectations."

Lyodd Harris

Urualite Accessories

"Scott is truly a rare, passionate Professional with a wealth of valuable insight of his craft, and very on-point with communications. He LISTENS to his clients vision with an open mind. I very much enjoyed sharing my ideas with Scott and would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who is serious about growing their business and building a trustworthy brand."

Amadou Diaby

Culture Studio

"Scott was very patient with me and guided me through the brand building processs effortlessly. Very quick responses always,and got his advice spot on right every time. Was a pleasure to work with, and look forward to working with him over the coming year."

Laura Clarke

Dig Inclusion

"I was really pleased with my experience with Scott, it genuinely exceeded my expectations. We've come away with some clear action points on what we can do to improve our website and brand - none are generic, all specific to us with a great explanation as to why these things will help. I am looking forward to implementing the changes and working with Scott over the coming months."

Amy Sutherland

Oaklake Residential Homes

"The experience wasn't what I expected and I should have perhaps done more research before starting. I though the package I secured included the full shebang! Logo design and website design from start to finish. The support team did try and offer a solution, but it was outside of my budget".

Melkis Espinal

Assenta Security

"If you're looking for a super good branding solution, look no further. Working with Brander is an amazing experience. The communication is great and the work they do exceeds expectations. Highly recommended. We are more than satisfied with the process and results so far."

Mauro Beck

Adiantes Manufacturing

"Very constructive communication, clear and concise. Made me feel confident that our business' growth is in the best hands. I'm looking forward to continue the process and continue building my brand with Scott and his Brander team."

Rigo Durani

Insyte Digital

"Very good work and communication. They understood the core of the business very well and he presented excellent creative options of naming and guided me through the entire process. Highly recommended and the results speak for themselves."

Carolyn Yarbrough

Yarbourgh Group

"I'm am Super Impressed with Scott and his whole process and work. He is truly gifted and I am already upgrading my subscription to get him more involved. Book a free consultation with him and his team. You'll know right away if it is for you."

Britney Harrison

Socialyte App

"Super impressed with how things went in the first meeting. Myself and the team all have a great working relationship with Brander throughout the process. Will be refering to friends in future."

Susan Kelly

Knights Real Estate

"Such an amazing process and experience working with the Brander team. They really where with me every step of the way. Thank you."

Craig Hieghts

Lorello Insights

"All I can say is you'll know after the first discovery call you've just hit the jackpot. Very happy with the process so far."


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Personalised guidance and mentorship throughout the entire brand building process. No time will be wasted on developing a specific blueprint to get your brand from where it is now to where you need it to be.

Perfectly consistent

When everything looks the same, it inspires a sense of trust and credibility the moment someone sees your brand. Our keen eye for detail ensures all your branded elements are perfectly consistent across all touch points.

Fully tested processes

Our total confidence in the processes we pioneer comes from years of experience and testing. The methods we use have been proven to work in multiple industries time and time again.

Zero time or funds wasted

Our refined processes ensure your brand is built efficiently whilst also making sure you know exactly how much everything will cost. No hidden charges of nasty surprises. You'll know everything well in advance.


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