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Why clients pay more for our design approach

Recent studies have proven how important it is for strategy to be part of any and brand's development. Allowing designers to get paid a premium for their design work as well as strategic thinking.


of people said they’d be highly likely to recommend a brand they were emotionally engaged with.


Increase in brand recognition with through effective brand colour palette creation.


Revenue increase if branding is presented consistently across all platforms.


of investors say a strong brand is an important factor guiding them in their investment decisions.


And how any designer can demand higher rates

The vast majority of brand designers feel they are grossly underpaid.

They feel their time is worth at least double the rate they are currently getting.

But many aren't sure how to successfully charge more for their work.

Which is why brand designers often reduce their fees to meet the client's budget and win new business.

What if you knew how to successfully land clients who are happy to pay 4x (or more) what you're currently charging right now?

We've already helped hundreds of people across the world level up their income.

Now, it's your turn...

Our plans have been crafted to help you, no matter what stage you're at in your journey.

From those wanting to move from their job to designing full time to agencies wanting to become more profitable.

You can also book a free consultation if you are not sure which plan is best for your personal needs.



2,435 Reviews

Lucie McDonald

"Started the trial and after my initial discovery call, I wanted to try it for a few months. I'm around 6 months in and I've basically tripled what I usually charge for design projects. I'm not sure what else to say apart from it works. But that's just from my experience. Everyone is different, but it really helped me think about my skills and everything about how I work with clients differently."

Connor Readshaw

"To be honest, I learnt a good amount from the 14 day trial alone. I committed to trying it for a few months to try. The longer the spend with them, the more you realise you've been leaving lots of opportunity on the table. I'm planning on leaving my job once my design income doubles my current salary. Should take around 1 more month hopefully".

Melissa Mia

"You'll know after the 14 day trial if it is for you or not. I got on really well with Scott and he really helped me in some key areas I wasn't hugely confident in. Really good progress and experience so far though".

Nate Dimoulas

"A pleasure. I only been on the program for 90 days, but as I feel like I've learnt a lot. Try the 14 day trial and you'll know if it's for you after the first week or so. Very happy with everything up to now."

Robi Purvi

"I wanted to learn how to make some money on the side as a designer, so I only went for the basic package. I've learned so much over the past few months though. Worthwhile experience".

Jack Rodriguez

"I wasn't sure what to expect, but felt intrigued enough to try it our for 14 days. After the first discovery meeting, it became very evident these guys know their stuff. Very helpful and you actually get real results. No fluffy promises."

Jonas Haskins

"Working directly with Scott was a great experience. Try the free trial before committing to make sure its for you. I was nicely surprised."

Lyodd Harris

"Scott is truly a rare, passionate person with a wealth of valuable insight and is very on-point with communication and guidance. He actually LISTENS to you  with an open mind. I very much enjoyed sharing my ideas with Scott and would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who is serious about pursuing a serious career in design or brand development."

Amadou Diaby

"Okay, so example. I'm quite a shy person, and Scott noticed this right away. He suggested doing a client coach call on our next meeting so he could coach me through negotiating with clients in person. After some practice with him, I honestly feel like I have learnt a skill which is priceless. I'm so much more confident now."

Laura Clarke

"I was really pleased with my experience with Scott, it genuinely exceeded my expectations. We've come away with some clear action points on what we can do to improve everything I do- nothing he does is generic, all specific to me with a great explanation as to why these things will help. I am looking forward to implementing the changes and working with Scott over the coming months."

Amy Sutherland

"The experience wasn't what I expected and I should have perhaps done more research before starting. I though the package I secured included the full shebang! Logo design and website design from start to finish. The support team did try and offer a solution, but it was outside of my budget. Try the 14 day free trial before committing fully."

Melkis Espinal

"Working with Brander is a great experience. Highly recommended."

Mauro Beck

"Very constructive communication, clear and concise. Made me feel confident that I'm being guided by someone who actually knows what they are doing. I'm looking forward to continue the process and continue building my business with Scott and his Brander team."

Rigo Durani

"Very good work and communication. They understood the core of the business very well and he presented excellent creative options to take things to the next level. Highly recommended and the results speak for themselves."

Carolyn Yarbrough

"I'm am Super Impressed with Scott and his whole process and work. He is truly gifted and I am already upgrading my subscription to get him more involved. Book a free consultation with him and his team. I'm happy I tried it"

Britney Harrison

"Super impressed with how things went in our first meeting/chat. We have signed up for the year and are truly excited to get started."

Susan Kelly

"Such an amazing process and experience working with the Brander team. They really where with me every step of the way. Thank you."

Craig Hieghts

"I'm currently working as an accountant and have been doing design work for the last few years on the side. After the 14 day trial, my income from design grew by double. And after 3 months working with Scott, it was more then my jobs actual salary. He doesn't say anything super complicated or complex, but it does work. "


How we helped 9,622 designers make 6-figure salaries

Private mentorship

Personalised guidance, friendship and mentorship to help teach you how to find your niche, communicate your services properly, speak confidently with clients and bring more value to the brands you work with.

Be Respected

Clients who don't respect your opinion will ask for more revisions & waste your time. By marrying your designs to brand strategy, your clients can understand the purpose of your designs, which naturally leads to increased respect and trust.

Passionate Work

The more profit you make, the more you can reinvest in your education and resources. By charging more, you can accelerate your growth. This naturally gives you the freedom to only work on the projects you are passionate about.

Better Life Balance

Working every hour god sends is not sustainable. But we still want to earn a healthy income. By delivering more value to your clients and charging more, it gives you the freedom to achieve that perfect balance between work and play.


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