How Procrastination Can Be Valuable

Is procrastination good sometimes?

You and I know procrastination can turn into the enemy if it keeps us from doing what we should do.

But more often than not, this isn't the case.

Procrastination can actually improve your productivity and happiness.

So, yes procrastination is good sometimes.

Procrastination helps you to make better decisions.

For example, you are a creative, perhaps a designer, writer, or you build apps and other tech applications, procrastination makes you more creative and helps you make better decisions.

During the conception phase of any project, it's difficult sometimes to agree with yourself on the right approach.

Procrastination becomes your savior because you can now avoid jumping into something that might not be right for you.

It buys you time to think about all the options and their pros and cons.  

When you get back to the project, you come to it with a fresh and renewed perspective.

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